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Hema model, Ali New Retail No. 1 Project. Hema, Taobao and Tmall will be equal in the future. Hema Mode = Hema Dining + Hema Fresh Store + Hema Bazaar Store + Hema Convenience Store. The most important thing for Hema catering is to provide a front-end central kitchen for the Hema Xiansheng store, a joint catering business for the Hema Bazaar store, and fast food and pastry and tea for the Hema convenience store.

In the WeChat area column, it is best to set the real location. Many friends who are wechat merchants set the address as a foreign location, which is fake at first glance; the WeChat personalized signature column, the best format is: your identity+ Product or business introduction, for example, my personal signature is: Tsinghua University, Peking University micro-marketing president class tutor, a certain year, month, and place to give a micro-marketing class; for example, the personal signature of my wine seller is: wine expert XX , Franchise wholesale and group purchase of imported red wine from a certain country, with one hundred fine for fake. WeChat Moments album cover pictures, do not put product introductions and promotional slogans, try to put photos that reflect your identity as an expert. For example, on the cover of my photo album is a photo of me and the student.

The most important thing is that some popular movies are distributed on different platforms, some are on Youku, some are on iQiyi, LeTV, Sohu, Tencent, etc. If you want to watch several movies, they are on different platforms. To play, you have to recharge the members of several platforms. I don’t care about the money and it’s not convenient to watch.

There are a lot of part-time advertisements on the Internet. Remember not to trust those projects with good benefits and quick wealth. Most of these are deceptive. But if it is a large company, a well-known website, etc., this is more credible. Faced with the emerging industry of online part-time jobs, many netizens are obviously unable to start, because after all, they are in an intangible online world. I don't know which is true and which is false?

Every festive season is a day when red envelopes fly, and criminals will use red envelope loopholes to defraud money. There are two common WeChat red envelope scams. The first is the WeChat AA red envelope fraud that has been exposed before. They will use the appearance of the WeChat red envelope to change its functions, change the collection to payment, etc., and use some users' unfamiliarity with the WeChat AA collection function to induce transfer; It uses the "Red Envelope Thief" mobile phone Trojan disguised as a WeChat red envelope to steal the user's bank card information and payment password. Of course, its appearance design page is very similar to WeChat wallet. After clicking it, the interface will prompt to enter a password. After inputting, there will be a message "Congratulations on how much you successfully received the red envelope". At that time, you thought you received the money in the red envelope. Your own money is changing.

Join the sharing plan. There are a lot of short videos in the sharing plan. You are only responsible for promoting these videos. Once someone watches these videos, you can get the corresponding promotion fee. The promotion is usually funny and strange. The video has a high click-through rate, and it’s good to be a part-time job.

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The year I just graduated was a dark area in my life, and I even suffered from mild depression. In fact, it is not depression, I just feel overwhelmed every day. I didnt want to do anything, I didnt want to do anything, and lived like a puppet every day.